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If you love someone tell them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken

Xaver Jewels would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their kindness, help, and support.

Jenna Jane Sneed was raised on the Wendt Ranch in Bay City, Texas.  It was in this small Texas town that she came to value family, community, hard work, simple pleasures and connection with the natural world. A love of travel and culture developed through working on the ranch alongside foreign agricultural exchange students from Brazil, Morocco, Australia and South Africa.


Jenna left Bay City in 2005 to earn a degree in English and History from Texas A&M University – with a semester focused on art history (and good food, wine and friends!) in Tuscany. In 2009, Jenna moved to Houston to earn a Masters of Public Health from the University of Texas (UT) in Health Promotion Behavioral Science.  She now works at Texas Children’s Hospital and is pursuing her PhD in Health Care Management from UT exploring how virtual learning-based ecosystems empower organizations and their people thrive.


In her spare time, Jenna teaches powerful vinyasa flow yoga classes at Revolution Studio River Oaks, serves on the Houston Speaker’s Bureau for the American Heart Association, and is heavily involved in the Member Enrichment Program for We Play Everywhere. She also loves throwing dinner parties, digital photography, hiking, travel and continued learning.


On the night of Jenna and Jonathan Sneed’s rehearsal dinner, her dad gave a toast, “In life you will have multiple families – your immediate family, extended family, professional family, friend family, fitness family, spiritual family and community service family. To be balanced one must embrace all of them.”  Jenna whole-heartedly stands behind Xaver Jewels because the jewelry is a sparkling symbol of personal expression, yeehaw enthusiasm and connection with one’s various families!

Yoga discovered Larry when he was training for marathons. In order to keep his body well despite an intense weekly running regimen, he intuitively combined stretching with breath.  While living in NYC, he attended his first yoga class and realized he had been doing yoga all along.

Between 2007-2011, Larry completed over 1100 hours certification as a certified yoga teacher trainer through the School Yoga Institute.  He considers himself fortunate to have studied extensively under Vinnie Marino, Bryan Kest, Annie Carpenter, Steve Ilg, Mark Blanchard and Kathryn Budig.

Larry believes yoga is a powerful way to stay connected.  Through a devotional practice, bhakti, one can cultivate deeper spiritual, physical, and emotional connections with the self as well as others.    “Pleasure is the body, Happiness is in the mind, Joy is in the spirit.”

When not running, mountain biking; surfing, or traveling, he may be found ‘flying’ acro partners throughout Houston and searching for ‘hole in the wall’ eats.

Why Bodhin?

In Sanskrit, bodhi means the awakening experience, expressing the notion of awakening from a dream and of being aware and knowing. It is more accurate to think of bodhi as spiritual “awake-ness” or awakening, rather than enlightenment.

Bodhin Yoga Services evolved from Larry’s desire to combine ancient wisdom with modern success in his own life.  He was inspired to live more authentically, to be radically honest with himself and to take accountability for the outcome of his life. He began to focus on happiness and balance, and make the shifts he needed to acquire them.  Today, Larry continues to inspire others to create balance in their lives.

Blending yoga and life philosophies, adventure and travel, Larry crafts unique adventures for independent travelers, couples, and yoga-inspired groups and trainings.  Awakenings and balance are perfectly juxtaposed as clients are pampered with creature comforts while immersed in various activities that fuse education and adventure.

Bodhin Yoga Services offers private yoga sessions, workshops, retreats, and yoga teacher trainings hosted at unique accommodations from Brazil to Indonesia.

Contact Larry or connect with him on Facebook for more information or testimonials.  Additionally, to hear Larry discuss ‘the yoga of you’ listen in on a recent Internet Talk Radio interview hosted by Anna Kaupplia.

Bodhin’s Howler Mountain Bike Race Series in Nicaragua and Brazil

Bodhin Yoga Services strives to help the people who live in the rural communities of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  Larry executes a made for TV Mountain Bike Race in an effort to raise money for skills trainings and preventative health education.  This mountain bike race series provides local community partner, Fundacion Tierra, with funds necessary to provide these services.

Nick teaches a mindful, intentional vinyasa designed to elicit depth and self-inquiry in your practice. Students will find balance, strength, and a deeper connection to self after working with him. He studied classical music at Rice University and with mentors of the Juilliard School; teaching yoga is an outlet for him to express creative energy, and he hopes to guide his students toward revealing that expression for themselves.

Nick’s approach is rooted in his own yoga journey, which began after a running injury. He was at a place in his life where his art was entangled with his self-worth; the practice of self-inquiry was transformational for him, inspiring him to obtain his RYT-200 teaching certification in Spring 2012.

An Ironman triathlete, he’s passionate about the balance of yoga and athletic pursuits, and enjoys guiding athletes (and busy people) in finding inspiration. He teaches classes exclusively at YogaOne Studios, as well as private clientele in Houston, Texas.

Kim is a native Houstonian and graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. Hook ‘Em! She spent 6 years in New York City before returning to the great state of Texas to get her MBA at the McCombs School of Business. Fate intervened and she met her now husband and business partner, Mitch. Together the two founded Revolution Studio, Houston’s ultimate boutique fitness experience. Driven by a dream to revolutionize the indoor cycling experience, a passion for fitness and a mission to inspire, empower and transform the lives of others through spinning, Kim (and Mitch) opened the first Revolution Studio location in Sugar Land in 2012, a second location in Memorial City in 2014 and will soon open a brand new location at West Ave in River Oaks this month. Kim’s favorite pastimes include cycling and yoga (naturally!), traveling, reading, enjoying good food and great wine. She and Mitch live in Bellaire and are the proud “parents” to a 13-year old porky Yorkie named Allie.

Dakota Cheyenne is a yogini, songstress, writer and student of Life. Her offerings include: Vinyāsa, Nāda Yoga & Yoga Therapeutics. Her passion for sharing is grounded in a sincere calling to serve others on their unique path of inner exploration and evolution. Her teaching style is an ever evolving form, mirroring her growth and life experiences. She encourages her students to meet their practice with courageously open hearts and and to receive the ever unfolding teaching life grants us breath by breath. It is her hope that each practitioner discovers their infinite potential through the vehicles of asana, pranayama and meditation. May we all come to full remembrance of our Divine light within and in turn, reflect that light into the world. Om Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu.

You can contact her at

Anna Kauppila Morris is a business owner, a yoga teacher, a newlywed, and a mom to a rescue dog named Barney. Before owning her own business, she had a decade long career in pharmaceutical sales, and lived in New York City.

She is currently the founder and CEO of a global community called “We Play Everywhere” that inspires people to play everywhere in life and meet like-minded people. Her passion in life is finding the play in everything that she does and bringing people together in surprising ways.

Anna loves that Xaver Jewels develops extraordinary masterpieces with a playful spirit and sense of whimsy….

Find out where she’s playing at

UserOfReality Photography, created by Bhavin, is a full fledged Create Firm based in Houston,TX.


Bhavin brings an eclectic background of influences to create unique and stunning photography. When he isn’t shooting he is teaching yoga, or playing live music as his other endeavors.


While he most known for his photographic talents, he is equally interested in graphic arts and marketing. In the last couple of years this has blossomed into goal coaching and business development.


UserOfReality Photography does select weddings, fashion photography, family, maternity, kids, architecture, product photography, fitness, and the list goes continues to expand! Contact him via to set up your free consultation!

Cindy Solis became a certified yoga instructor in the fall of 2012 in Los Angeles after enrolling in an intense, vigorous, self-transformation teacher training. She has always maintained a healthy life style by exercising and eating healthy.  Cindy’s passion for intense physical activity was what drove her to learn about the benefits yoga could bring to the body and mind. Cindy teaches all ages from the tweens to the senior citizens and the self-gratification she receives following the classes is what drives her to learn more about how to empower others to attain a healthier and positive way of living. Cindy teaches all over the Houston greater area; however you can find her at After Glow Hot Yoga most of the time doing what she loves. As a mother of an eleven year, Cindy aims to be a positive influential in her daughter’s life.  As a woman, she believes that it a huge responsibility to motivate and educate her daughter in creating healthy habits and making choices that will improve physical and emotional well-being. It is these types of building blocks that Cindy believes will add to her growth and contribute to her success in her studies and further along in the work force.  In addition to being a full time yoga instructor and a mother, Cindy is an entrepreneur.  Cindy’s ambitious and hardworking traits is what is making it a reality to pursue her dream in owning a business.  Cindy, is one of the business owners of Texas Fresh Juice. Texas Fresh Juice located in Sienna Villa Shopping Center in Missouri City.  Texas Fresh Juice offers a variety of artisan cold pressed organic juices. Cindy is overjoyed to be adding to the health and wellness community and enjoys teaching others on how to live a healthy life style. Her vision on expanding Texas Fresh Juice will keep her working very hard.   When it comes to a healthy life style Cindy is a main advocate. Come visit her soon! You can find her juicing during the day at Texas Fresh Juice and teaching yoga in the evenings at Afterglow Hot Yoga.

Natalie Guzman was born and raised in the sunshine state of California. Being raised in such a vibrant city of Los Angeles taught her to appreciate the simple beauty of nature and anthropology. At the age of 9, her adventurous father decided to embark on a driving journey from Los Angeles to his native country: El Salvador. Seeing such poverty at an early age molded her humility, compassion, and down-to-earth vibe.
Her eye for beautiful things led her to find her spiritual practice in 2006 when she was a senior in high school and would escape to the library to meditate. Feeling such peace from her hostile school environment, she knew this was powerful and began recruiting as many friends to meditate with her, teaching them techniques she had learned from her own research. While living in Paris in 2008 she attended her fist yoga class and the intense gratitude it provoked caused her to become curious about this ancient Eastern philosophy. Her studies were relentless and her strong desire to serve others apparent, so she took the plunge to learn to teach in 2014 through YogaOne’s ryt200 intensive training. She now co-creates a private meditation group named the Oneness Coalition, teaches yoga to young girls at the Harris County Juvenile Detention center, and holds private lessons.
She is a compassionate soul who strives to show others that with a positive attitude, limitless heart, and community support all dreams are possible. She is currently a senior at the Art Institute with a Bachelors of science in Fashion Retail Management.