Xaver Jewels | About Our Jewelry Design Studio
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“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

Saumil Manek

Saumil Manek had no idea how much his vacation to India would change his life. Originally an investment banker, Saumil visited a diamond sorting facility in Mumbai and it was love at first sight. Within a matter of weeks, he quit his job and started sorting diamonds on the factory floor full-time. It didn’t take long before his passion was recognized, and he moved up to jewelry design. After 2 years of training under masters in his field, Saumil returned to Houston with a wealth of knowledge on diamonds and jewelry design, and a plan to put his passion to use.

In the beginning, Saumil was shocked to find out how often clients are taken advantage of in the industry, and vowed to make a positive difference. He started out by selling a small supply of handcrafted jewelry out of his parents’ garage. In 2001, Saumil’s dream of running his own jewelry design studio became a reality! For over 14 years, Xaver Jewels has been providing beautiful and unique handcrafted jewelry to Houston and throughout the United States. Saumil offers custom jewelry design, jewelry and watch repair, diamond and gold buying, and more.

With so many years of experience in the industry, Saumil has established himself as an expert in his field. He has written for both NSIDE magazine and Bay Area Health and Wellness about the business of jewelry making as well as his other passion – yoga and meditation. Saumil’s passion for yoga and meditation fuels the culture of Xaver Jewels, ensuring that each client receives personalized service that is simply unmatched in the industry.

A Bit About Us

Xaver Jewels brings hand-crafted, quality jewelry to people at reasonable prices. We work with all our clients on a one-on-one one basis to give them the attention they deserve and require when buying our beautiful and timeless pieces. All of our appointments are arranged around the schedules of our clients. Our salespeople are even willing to visit the client at home or at their office if visiting our store is inconvenient.

We believe you don’t have to be rich to look elegant. You deserve true, refined class and we strive to provide it to all our clients. We’ll present you hand-crafted, quality jewelry at reasonable prices. All our diamonds are hand selected and checked for quality from areas that have been doing this work for generations.

Custom Jewelry Design in Houston